It’s Friday. Winter is still here. It’s a good thing that ODD has not been frozen out. As many of you know, I live in Canada. We have the strangest and most ideologically driven government ever. They have muzzled our scientists, cut front line gov’t workers, lied, been found in contempt of Parliament, spent $1billion dollars on a 3 day G8 & G20 summit, messed up a lot of things and  wrecked our official statistics gathering government agency, Stats Canada. And now, instead of using actual and verifiable statistical data, we are using Kijiji, a FREE online want ad/get rid of your crap site. It’s great when you clean out the garage but…   Government policy regarding Temporary Foreign Worker allotments and immigration quotas are being decided on data from Kijiji. Sit back and ponder the question, “Am I as ODD as the Canadian government?”


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  1. Rex Renard March 28, 2014 at 4:38 pm #

    Was able to scavange a “Caution, Bad Ice” sign from work today. It looks good next to my “no swimimg, polluted waters” sign. We still have over 40 centimeters of ice off the west shore, and no ferry service yet, prolly not for another week or two which will set a record. We’ve been rationing gas sence early feb and actually had to do a beer airlift because of all the ice fishermen this winter. It was so solid we had both canadains and yankees drive over from their respective mainlands. Looking forword to baseball season, go tribe. Take care and as allways, stay odd my friends.

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