Everyone did as a kid…maybe not just as a kid.. It’s a good day today. The sun came up, the world is still spinning and nobody can make any sense out of our politicians. Oh yeah, the NSA is still spying on you. Smile, you’re on CCTV. In Canada, everyone spies on us because you know, we’re so dangerous. LMAO. Right…. Anyhow, remember to take your break and to look busy all day. Wouldn’t want to get into trouble now. Cheers.


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On British people…

The thing that you notice here after America is how refreshingly ordinary people look, because they haven’t had their chin wrapped around the back of their ears.

Ian McKellen

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28280314NOPE. NOPE. Not enough booze in the world for those two.

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In the United States, the election has become a so-called water-cooler debate, meaning that Americans gather round the water-cooler at work and discuss whether it would make a better President.

Angus Deayton

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  1. Deacon March 27, 2014 at 2:48 pm #

    Those remote car openers/finders. If you’re in a parking lot and you can’t find your car even holding your key ring out front of you and turning in circles, all you have to do is hold the key to your head and you’ll find your vehicle. It gives you about 80 to a 100 ft more distance. Granted you look like you’re trying to commit suicide by car key but hey, better than standing in a parking lot and swearing.

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