You will understand when you see it. LOL. Beware, CANADA is on the brink. We have been pushed and we can only be pushed so far. Beware of the consequences. We have a different kind of musical instrument today as well as a word of warning about TARGET. TARGET really blew the big one on their foray into Canada the past year. They lost almost a billion dollars. Let’s see if they can get their act together and improve because my local TARGET was visited only 3 times by me over the past year as the shelves were bare and their products overpriced.They are however, keeping an eye on things…


01140314 02140314 04140314 05140314 06140314 07140314 08140314 09140314 10140314 11140314 12140314 13140314 14140314 15140314 Canadians getting ready to riotCanadians getting ready to riot.

16140314 17140314 18140314 19140314 20140314 21140314 22140314 Bri Harrisonby: Bri Harrison

23140314The Black Donnelly’s. Click HERE to see their story. It’s not always quiet in CANADA.

24140314 25140314 26140314 27140314 SpamjoSpamjo

28140314 This girl has absolutely no clue 29140314 30140314 31140314 32140314 33140314 34140314 35140314 36140314 Was going to try some things on at Target until I saw thisWas going to try some things on at Target until I saw this…

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  1. John March 14, 2014 at 6:17 am #

    Don’t know if I’m being thick, but I just don’t get it…she has no clue about what? I’ve looked & looked & looked at the picture but can’t see what you mean.

  2. Rex Renard March 14, 2014 at 6:51 am #

    Thats Ron Jeremy and I believe Lexington Steele (famous porn stars) behind her if that helps John. Been to In-and-Out Burger a few times visiting family in california, good stuff, would not mind seeing them expand east. Stay odd my friends.

  3. ODDMAN March 14, 2014 at 6:59 am #

    As Rex posted, that is Ron Jeremy. He was ranked by AVN at number one in their “The 50 Top Porn Stars of All Time”.


    • John March 17, 2014 at 6:32 am #

      Thanks…….I obviously don’t watch enough porn (although my wife might disagree!)

  4. Deacon March 15, 2014 at 2:35 am #

    Ron Jeremy has seen more azz than all the toilet seats at a VIA station.

    Anyhow, that’s not why I’m commenting.
    The story about the Donnellys through the Wikipedia link has left out a LOT of information. To begin with the Donnellys did not squat on the land. You were able to buy the land if it was cleared in a certain amount of time which James Sr did but nonetheless part of the land was sold from under him. James Sr was more than angry but that came to a head at a logging ‘bee’ when a lot of drink was going around and believe me what they drank back then would take paint off your car.
    The “vigilance society” was a set up. It was headed by Constable James Carroll who had one purpose and one purpose only and that was to get rid of the Donnellys and the vigilance society also had planned to get rid of anyone who favoured the Donnellys as a list found later confirmed. The society was also organized by the Catholic priest Father Connolly and in those days the priest was the next thing to god and if he damned you, everyone did. The power of the church knew no limits.
    People wonder if the Donnellys were as bad as they were portrayed and the answer is not really. If someone looked at the list of Lucan prisoners in the Middlesex Goal at the time and focused on the ones from Lucan/Biddulph, they would find not only a long list of other names but other families that had been in far more trouble. After the Donnelly massacre, many years later on his death bed one of the sons of a local blacksmith confessed to doing a many of the things along with his brothers, that the Donnellys had been accused of. So why the real hatred for the Donnellys? It’s simple. First of all James Donnelly Sr had nothing against Protestants and when James Sr came to the area one of the first things he did was help build St James Anglican Church. So right off there was the religious hatred. The Donnellys were also successful and like today there is both jealousy and greed. Today we try to destroy people with blogs, or in the media, or in internet forums but back then they did it with pitchforks and shovels. Times change, people don’t. Neither was it all religion and jealousy, politics played a big part in not only their murders but also the lack of convictions of the murderers even with an eye witness Johnny O’Connor who was not noticed and escaped from the burning home.
    Lucan was the wild west back in those days and originally settled by black slaves from the US but most of them left. It may have had something to do with the black woman found drowned at the local river with her hands tied behind her back, but it was deemed a “suicide”. Feel free to do the math on that one!
    The people then and the distant relatives now may find some delusional justification for their actions but when it comes to the murder of Bridget Donnelly who was simply visiting from Ireland and innocent of everything……there is no justification.
    Although Ray Frazakus wrote a good book with lots of vintage photos, the best book was written by Orlo Miller (now deceased) who visited Lucan and researched the history when it was still fresh in the minds of the members of the first generation of the murderers. He had to not only have a bodyguard during his visits to the town but many of the visits were done in the dark of night so no one would know.
    Enjoy the history because it not only speaks of Ontario, but also of human beings and they never really change, just the methods.

  5. ODDMAN March 15, 2014 at 7:36 am #

    I thought that you might comment on The Black Donnelly’s. I’m in Guelph and grew up in Oakville, Ontario. I learned the story of the Donnelly’s way back when in the dark ages of high school. As you said, Wikipedia misses out on a LOT of the facts, but most will not read the books on the Donnelly’s to form their own opinions. It’s their to wet their appetite to learn more.

    It is a fascinating story and people today do not realize that the wild west was also alive and well in Canada, as you posted. Connections could get you killed, or they could ensure that you were never charged. In many respects, not much has changed over the years as you pointed out. We don’t have the vigilante mobs here, but we are quite content to assassinate via blogging, inference, gossip, threats of legal action etc. Your point is well made. Jealousy and success will always bring out haters. Fortunately, we haven’t resorted to mob murder here recently. It doesn’t mean that it cannot happen again if the circumstances are right.

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