How many times have we heard that in our lives. Zillions. Tonight there are two shows performing. THE NECROMANCER is playing in Barrie, ON Canada. It is a show that you just have to see if you’re thrilled and chilled by the Gothic horror mind of SCOTT McCLELLAND. His promo is in the post. And in Montreal, for those of you who enjoy burlesque, ROXI D’LITE is performing. Check out her act if you’re in Montreal, Quebec Canada tonight. Have a great weekend and don’t do anything that you’ll get caught at.


01010314 02010314 03010314 04010314 by Michael Bevilby: Michael Bevil

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Tonight’s the night to hold your Sweetie tight. Let THE NECROMANCER thrill you like you’ve never been thrilled before. And then you will try to sleep.  Pleasant dreams await you..

08010314 09010314 10010314 11010314 12010314 13010314 14010314 15010314 16010314 17010314ROXI D’LITE. Tonight in Montreal. Check out the show if you’re a fan of burlesque. Click HERE for her FB page

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36010314 37010314 38010314 By Ayami Kojimaby: Ayami Kojima

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