What do you think that language was invented? What possible reason could there be for language? We have one possible explanation today. ABNEY PARK is releasing a double CD on February 22, 2014. That’s tomorrow. Check the link to get 17 minutes of audio preview of their CD. This will be the 4th CD of theirs I will have bought, plus I’ll end up getting another 1 or 2 to make the shipping worthwhile. Have a great day and remember, the weekend is here.


01210214 02210214 03210214 04210214 05210214 06210214 07210214 08210214 09210214pic via: THE WILD ROOSTER

10210214 11210214 12210214 13210214 14210214 15210214 16210214 17210214 18210214 19210214 19210214aABNEY PARK on FB. Click to get an audio preview of: LIVE AT THE END OF DAYS



21210214 22210214 23210214 24210214 25210214 26210214 27210214 Rabbit GOLF  advertising by Garrigosa StudioRabbit GOLF  advertising by Garrigosa Studio

28210214 29210214 30210214 Presenting the Samsung Galaxy S20 - Offroad model.Presenting the Samsung Galaxy S20 – Off road model.

31210214 32210214 33210214 34210214 35210214 36210214 37210214 38210214 39210214 40210214 4121021441210214aMARDIS GRAS is on MARCH 4 this year. For all of your MARDIS GRAS needs in Guelph, ON CANADA, go to: PARTY CORNER COSTUMES. ODDMAN and his family rent their costumes from the great people here and have for years. Support your local businesses whenever you can as they are the ones who keep your towns and cities vibrant.

42210214 43210214




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  1. Jeff February 23, 2014 at 6:16 pm #

    I understand why the guy in the Mercedes parked the way he did. If you spend $90k on a car you try to keep as many people away from it as possible. Don’t be a douche and double park in a crowded area, but of you have the space it keeps people from hitting your car with their door.

    • Me May 8, 2014 at 12:39 pm #

      That’s why you park in the spot the truck tried to park in, as close to the grass as possible. You can protect your car without being a schmuck.

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