Will It Go Round In Circles? You bet. Thanks to Billy Preston for that excellent song. I can hear it in my head when I watch the last .gif. It’s the day before the midweek countdown. Think about what you can do this coming weekend and then decide what you’ll actually do. Have fun and think, circles.


01180214a 02180214a 03180214a 04180214a 05180214a 06180214a 07180214a 08180214a 09180214a 10180214a 11180214a 12180214a 13180214a 14180214a 15180214a 16180214a 17180214a 18180214a 19180214a 20180214a 21180214a 22180214a 23180214a 24180214a 25180214a 26180214a 27180214a 28180214a 29180214a 30180214a 31180214a 32180214a 33180214a 34180214a 35180214a 36180214a 37180214a 38180214a 39180214a 40180214a 41180214a 42180214a



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  1. Kathryn February 18, 2014 at 10:56 pm #

    Listen to Billy’s song while watching the girl with the hula hoop. Syncs perfectly and is too fun!!!

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