There are definite moment in your child’s aging process when you realize that they are actually growing up. There is a moment in today’s post where this is evident. It made her parents proud. There is a bit of old and a bit of new today. A mixture. Not a volatile mixture, but one that will bring a nice grin to your face. Not quite an afterglow kind of grin, but a good one nonetheless. Sit back, grab a coffee and take a journey down the only road in ODD. Cheers.


01120214 02120214 Iron-Maiden-A Matter Of Life And Death 2006 Album CoverIron Maiden: A Matter Of Life And Death     2006 Album Cover

03120214 04120214 Nellie Elizabeth McCalla model actress known as Irish Mccalla Best known as the title star of the 1950s television series Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. Nellie Elizabeth McCalla model actress known as Irish McCalla Best known as the title star of the 1950s television series: Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.

04120214 05120214 06120214 07120214 08120214GO CANADA!!!

42120214If Putin held the Summer Olympics in Sochi


09120214 10120214ONE NIGHT ONLY. March 1, 2014 Barrie, Ontario  Canada. If you’re in Barrie, come and get the fright of your life. Bring your girlfriend. Bring your boyfriend. Bring your wife. You will be their protector…or will you? Click to visit: THE NECROMANCER

11120214 13120214 14120214 15120214 16120214 War Drums  CS StanleyWar Drums  by: CS Stanley

17120214 18120214 pascalcampion.deviantart.comby: Pascal Campion

19120214 20120214 21120214 22120214 23120214 24120214 25120214 26120214 27120214 28120214It makes a parent proud.

29120214 30120214 31120214 3212021433120214 34120214 35120214 36120214 37120214 38120214 39120214 40120214



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