It is a well known doctrine that evolution is constant. Species either adapt or they perish as others who evolved successfully take over. Unless of course you’re a religious creationist and think that the world started about 6 thousand years ago. So the question remains, does evolution equal survival?  A quick note here on a personal side here, I was insulted by a blog hater on Saturday. OH NO!!!! Not a big deal as I have been insulted by some of the best, including friends and family . What was weird about this one is that I had to go on to the Urban Dictionary to find out what it meant. It was an old derogatory term that was regional to the New Orleans area only and out of date by +20 years. Pretty sad when I didn’t have a clue as to what the insult actually meant. My guess was pretty close but I’d never heard it before. Gotta have haters though because, Hey, it’s the internet. 🙂


01420114 02270114 03270114 04270114 05270114 06270114 07270114 08270114 09270114 10270114 11270114 12270114 12270114a steven meiselby: Steven Meisel

13270114REPTILE RAINFOREST114270114 16270114 17270114That could be the ODDMAN. I used to play the piano accordion. It was an ODD thing to do…

18270114 19270114 20270114A little winter stroll in Canada.

20270114a 21270114 22270114 23270114 24270114 25270114 26270114 27270114 28270114Time waits for no one.

29270114 29270114a Riot police form a shield formation while attempting to disperse protestors. REUTERS Maks LevinRiot police form a shield formation while attempting to disperse protestors in Kiev, Ukraine. REUTERS/Maks Levin. This tactic was used by the Romans over 2,000 years ago in battle.It is called the Testudo formation and was used by Marc Antony in 36BC. (source)

30270114From one of my favourite movies, TOP SECRET.

31270114 32270114 33270114 34270114 35270114 36270114 37270114 38270114 39270114 40270114 41270114



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  1. Jay January 27, 2014 at 5:48 am #

    The bookstore scene is my favorite.

  2. John January 27, 2014 at 2:37 pm #

    I have a very hard time starting my day without My Odd. Please don’t leave me hanging. What was the word the hater used? Keep up the good work and stay Odd.

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