Many of us are always on the hunt. We hunt for many different things. Better jobs, better friends, any friends, wild game sexy game to name just a few types of hunting. What type are you? Maybe the type of hunter in the pic posted today. Tuesday is always a blah kind of day. It’s also winter here in ODD. I am officially tired of winter so let’s bring summer on as fast as we can. Gear up for the Post from ODD. It’s always from ODD


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Today, my wife and I were watching a football game. While someone was about to score, she started screaming, “Go!” and “Come on! You can do it! Go baby, go!” My first thought was that I wished I could still make her scream like that.

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Today, my husband and I decided to have a quickie before the kids woke up from their nap. The sex was amazing and I couldn’t hold in my screams or not hit the wall. About 15 minutes in, both of our children came busting in with their nerf guns, screaming, “Where’s the monster?”

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