Art is everywhere. Those artists whose names are known have their names posted below their work. All other artists are unknown by me, but none of the pieces were done by me. In any given post you will find many different mediums and styles of artwork, ranging from posters to design to photographs to sculpture to anything that is artistic in nature. Postings of  NOT SO STUPID ARTWORK will happen on a regular basis as there is a tremendous number of talented artists in the world that create incredible work. NOTE: There are a few pieces with topless women in this post. If you are offended then now is your chance to go check out a whole lot of stuff in the OLD ODD archives.


01190114 02190114 03190114by Grégoire A Meyer; Computer Art,by: Grégoire A Meyer; Computer Art

04190114 05190114 06190114 Susanna Gordon  Woman's BackWoman’s Back  by: Susanna Gordon  

07190114 08190114 by Samantha Hahnby: Samantha Hahn

09190114 10190114 11190114 12190114 13190114 14190114Woman in Pinks, by Franco Mondini-RuizWoman in Pinks  by: Franco Mondini-Ruiz

1519011416190114 17190114 18190114 19190114 20190114 John Bathoby: John Batho

21190114 lethal by Benjamin JacquesLethal  by: Benjamin Jacques

22190114 Nikolai Blokhin (31)by: Nikolai Blokhin

23190114 sedkialimamby: sedkialimam

25190114 24190114 26190114 27190114 28190114The Wind by: Gil Bruvel

29190114 30190114 31190114 32190114 33190114 34190114 35190114 36190114 37190114 Andre Andre Kohn

38190114 Avenue-of-The-HeArts60x40Avenue of the Hearts

39190114 40190114 Berenice by AbigailLarsonBerenice by: Abigail Larson

41190114 by Cathy Daleyby: Cathy Daley




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