There are winners and there are losers. We see both in the last pic today. It’s a Friday morning, or afternoon depending on where you live. Either way, it’s time to drown the sorrows of he past week in a sea of margaritas. My neighbour has escaped the cold by going to the Dominican Republic so I must bring out the voodoo doll and curse her. Time to go and finish off the work week and get pumped for those margaritas. I m not in the Dominican, so a big bottle of booze and the lazy boy will have to do. I’ll watch the Travel & Escape channel for all the beach stuff.


01170114 02170114 03170114 04170114 05170114 06170114 07170114 08170114 09170114 10170114 11170114 12170114 13170114 14170114FaceBook has been deleting so many body-painting pages it’s unreal. Highly respected body-paint artists have had their FB pages banned because there may be the POSSIBILITY of a female nipple shown. It’s OK to post gore, blood, degradation, bullying etc if there is “context”, but their censors cannot tell the difference between art and pornography. They are taking idiocy to the highest level.

15170114 16170114 17170114 18170114I think I’m in the wrong neighbourhood

19170114 20170114 21170114 22170114 23170114Do your eyes hurt now?

24170114 25170114 26170114 27170114 28170114 29170114 30170114 31170114 32170114 33170114 34170114 35170114 36170114 37170114 38170114 39170114 40170114The WIN goes to…Italy




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  1. person January 26, 2014 at 7:33 pm #

    does anyone else notice the face in that lion’s ear?

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