One of ODDMAN.CA‘s regular viewers and commentators, Rex Renard, put in a request for a post/pics of ships. Most of the time I like to comply with requests, not for the too risque ones as there are lots of sites for that stuff, but for the regular ODD variety. So here is a post all about ships, and they’re not just for the water. Hope that everyone enjoys something a bit different from normal.


01090114 Michelle_Pike_Ship_of_FoolsMichelle Pike: Ship of Fools

02090114 03090114 04090114 05090114 06090114 07090114 08090114 09090114 Bounty 10090114 11090114 12090114 13090114 14090114 Viareggio, super yacht O'KhalilaViareggio, super yacht O’Khalila

15090114 16090114 17090114 18090114 19090114

21090114 22090114 23090114 24090114 25090114 26090114 27090114 28090114 290901143009011431090114 32090114 33090114 34090114 35090114 36090114 37090114 38090114 39090114 40090114 41090114 42090114 Military hovercraft shocks sunbathers in RussiaMilitary hovercraft shocks sunbathers in Russia

43090114 44090114 45090114 46090114 47090114 48090114 49090114





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  1. Rex Renard January 9, 2014 at 7:45 am #

    Well done good sir, that was fast. Living in one of great lakes all your life leaves you with love and awe of a well built boat. I’ve made at least 2 pilgrimages to Whitefish point up in the U.P. a family friend was a lake frieghter captain for 30+ years so I grew up hearing all sorts of crazy stories. I’m a bit of a history geek too, loved reading the stories about the age of exploration, the search for the northwest passage, the mutiny on the Bounty, O. H. Perry and the Battle of Lake Erie, the white hurricane of 1913, I could rattle on for way to long. The airships are a nice touch too, allways found them facinating. Thanks again, stay warm and stay odd my friends

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