When you see it, you will understand. So are you ready yet? Have you done your Christmas shopping? Are you surviving the Christmas RAGE that is out there? Nope. And that’s why we drink. We have snow today here in ODD. It’s not a bad thing as I enjoy the seasons as they come and go. I wouldn’t want to live in a place where it was warm and sunny any nice with bikini-clad ladies… Just shoot me. LOL. Have a great one and get the shopping done.


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13121213 14121213 15121213 1612121317121213 18121213 19121213 20121213 21121213 21121213a 22211213Nice one, HARVEY’S

23121213 24121213Check out Captain Robert’s FB HERE and ABNEY PARK HERE.

25121213 26121213 27121213 Meanwhile at a wig store in New Orleans Meanwhile at a wig store in New Orleans

28121213 29121213 30121213 31121213New motor for the ODDMAN van arriving…

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  1. Rex Renard December 12, 2013 at 3:30 pm #

    Got about 5 pounds of venison and a huge slab of homemade bacon as a gift from my boss at the sewer plant, gonna be eating quite well. Start my 3 month vacation saturday, cannot wait to be free from that damn alarm clock. Ice is allready surrounding the islands, the ferrys are done till spring. I’ve got a computer full of video games and a decent internet connection. I think it’s gonna be a good winter. Keep warm out there and as allways, Stay odd my friends.

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