D’ya think your iPod can compete? Good Luck. Now this is a portable music system. Might be able to do the sound for AC/DC in concert… It is the end of the week. Normally that would be a good thing but this is the Christmas Season. That means shopping at the malls. Fights for parking spots. Old men with hats sitting on phone books to see over the dash, trying to park their 1978 Lincoln Continental in a parking spot that is designed only to fit a Civic. And that’s why we drink. And then drink some more. Happy Holidays my butt. The end result is worth it, but the process is not fun. Enjoy your shopping.


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Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.

H.G. Wells

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I hope that there’s a tinge of disgrace about me. Hopefully, there’s one good scandal left in me.

Dianna Rigg

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  1. Rex Renard December 6, 2013 at 5:23 pm #

    So about a decade ago I bought a used mini-van for a road trip out to california. I wanted to see carlsbad caverns on the way there so we figured we’d drive south to mississippi and hop on u.s.20. Well we are takeing the back way into memphis and pull up to a red light, a souped up el camino with a got muffler sticker pulls up next to us and signals that he wants to race. We figured f-k it why not, the light turns green and we smoke him right off the line he followed us for about 2 more intersections before disappearing into the night. I was so proud of my mini-van. Thats was a great trip, I may share a few more stories from it another time. But untill then, stay odd my friends.

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