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I would like to mention something that is obvious, yet so often overlooked: Keep your FaceBook settings private.

A loyal ODDMAN viewer contacted me about a pic I had posted Tuesday that contained his cousin’s daughter and permission would never have been granted, so please take it down and tell my source that they should have not trolled the FB page. He was asking this on behalf of his cousin, as he is internet savvy and knows better. He has told his cousin repeatedly to change his settings, but it did not happen. He has to intervene as this is family; something that I would immediately do if any of my family members had this happen to them.

Because his cousin couldn’t be bothered to set his settings to private, a process that takes about 20 seconds, his daughter is now on at least 20 blogs, many Pinterest boards and a few meme generators.  And that will only grow exponentially as it was a good humorous pic. I took the pic down immediately, but she’s up on the net forever now, unless a lot of money is spent trying to scrub it from the net. And that is almost impossible to do. I had found this pic on an overseas blog.

So if you post ANYTHING on the net, expect it to get trolled and shopped and doctored into something else. That’s what happens. The net is the wild, wild west of truth and lies. If you do not want this to happen, don’t post your pics and keep your settings private. I don’t post my kid’s pic on FB, nor does Mrs ODDMAN, period. We’ll e-mail pics to family and friends but not on FB. When older and able to fend for herself, it will be her decision as to what to post on her account. She also is being taught about privacy and specifically the lack of it on the net if she chooses to post inappropriate pics or comments.

Maybe his cousin will finally listen to him.


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  1. Dave Cason December 5, 2013 at 11:05 am #

    Hey Oddman,

    Kudo’s for taking it down ……(its obvious you’re a stand up guy) I get that but why bother? Like you said it’s out there now forever, even tho you did remove your copy. If the guys cousin is that stupid, I really gotta say too bad ….. if people are really that dumb why should we help them? Esp since the guy you know TOLD his cousin many times LOCK IT DOWN! At what point in life do we stop pandering to the dumb? I’m not saying the guys cousin should learn C++ when playing on FB but really? RTFM! (grin)

  2. Andrew Walker July 27, 2014 at 12:23 am #

    I (belatedly, just reached this post) agree with Dave. Great of you to take it down on principle (I already know you are a man of good ethics), but I don’t know that it helps much. The interwebs is a strange, wild thing. A few years ago I submitted a shopped, amusing picture to Worth1000. It was reasonably funny and got a few votes but nothing special. I have now encountered it twice in the last year, including here! I don’t mind that it was without attribution both times; I understand how W1K works and as long as it brought a smile I am happy. My rambling point here is if you put it on the net somewhere, you must accept that it can go EVERYWHERE you don’t want it to go. Sometimes, that acceptance will come after rather than before.

    By the way, I love your site. I have been slowly working my way from the first post to the latest. It’s taking a long time but I am getting there and loving every minute of it.

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