You will understand. LOL. I wasn’t sure if there would be a post today as my computer went on the blink yesterday. My cat stepped on the battery back-up reset button as I was rebooting the computer, thus messing up the bios. My computer techie was able to reset it and upgrade the dvd/cd player so all is well. It’s the midweek blues for some, but for our US visitors, it’s the day before their THANKSGIVING. Tomorrow it’ll be comatose time. Except for the people who’ve been camped out for a week to get a great deal. Lost time at work, uncomfortable, crappy sleep, possible lost wages, to save a few bucks. Crazy Time. Anyhow, have a good one and have some fun. Christmas shopping rage is coming.


01271113 02271113Check out THE PARANORMAL SHOW for a creepy Sudbury Saturday Night. Check them out here.

03271113 04271113 05271113 06271113 07271113 08271113 09271113 10271113 11271113 12271113 13271113 14271113This will NOT end well.

15271113 15271113a 16271113 17271113 18271113 19271113 20271113 21271113 21271113a


22271113 23271113 24271113 25271113 26271113 27271113 28271113 29271113 30271113 31271113 32271113 33271113 34271113 35271113 36271113 37271113 38271113 39271113 40271113 41271113Done wrong.

42271113Done right.

43271113Check this out a few times to make sure you catch the details.



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  1. Rex Renard November 27, 2013 at 4:15 pm #

    That last gif, damn. So with about in hour left in the work one of my bosses says to me “screw this job lets take off early and go hit up the bar for a few rounds, I’m buying”. So him and i had our offical, unoffical,non-hoilday, holiday party. The islands a goast town right now, even got some light snow.

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