There is an interesting point-of-view post today. Normally I would post the original author’s name and do a link back to his/her blog. I cannot do that today for two reasons. First, he does not use his real name where this is posted. Second, the blog where this is from contains images posted that would be impossible for ODDMAN to link back to. Nonetheless, it is a good point-of-view post. Sit back and agree or disagree. I did not write is, I am just the poster. I have taken the liberty of correcting some spelling, sentence structure and eliminated some profanity. Not because profanity gets my back up, but because it took away from the argument that he was making.


The big user outrage that is going on on YouTube right now, brought back some old thoughts about internet diversity to me.

I often miss the good old days of IRC, Bulletin Boards, Angelfire websites, the AltaVista search engine, pre-MSN hotmail and Java Applet ChatRooms. That’s actually the reason why I’m on ****.


Back in the late 90’s, people invested more time in making interesting websites and if you wanted to do so, you had to have some HTML skills. Also, computers back then were a bit harder to use and maintain. This made the quality of web content a lot more diverse, sometimes obscure, less censored and probably of overall better or at least a more heterogeneous, quality.

When I attained an apprenticeship level as software developer 10 years ago, the hardware diversity was also much larger, especially in the server and workstation market. Since I stopped working in IT, SGI died, IBM stopped building computers, SUN kind of died, a lot of Linux derivation died, HP-UX kind of died, etc. etc. There are probably tons of more examples.

Now we live in an age were probably 85% of the content is on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and other such degenerated WEB 2.0 services. The consequences of what happens when too many users use the same service are now visible, during this YouTube user outrage.

How could it come that Google has such a dominance in the search engine business? (this is just a rhetorical question)
For me the consequences of these thoughts are that we need to strive for diversity, not just in agriculture and ecology, but also in information technology. We need to diversify the services and/or some of the companies that we use.

Today I deleted my YouTube accounts, deleted most of my Facebook pages and accounts and changed the search engine on all my browsers to something different than Google. Next I will create a Bulletin Board on my web-host and try to convince my friends to use this instead of Facebook.

At the end I want to say, that for me the internet is a boring place without the trolls, idiotic comments, random bullcrap and anonymity. The internet as it is seen by social marketing experts and corporate moguls, is sterile and ugly.



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  1. Good Apollo November 18, 2013 at 6:50 am #

    I’m not entirely sure what exactly the real point of this is, because all I am seeing is a disgruntled rant about popular media. People rage about Facebook and YouTube and Google, for what appears to be no good reason.

    The blatant Hipster-like disdain for these services, (Which are free yet people bitch about them anyway), makes me laugh. As I read this, I am being prompted to share this page on Facebook. Google is a popular search engine for a reason, I think… Oh yeah, it’s popular because it doesn’t suck like most search engines. And who gives a damn about posting comments on YouTube in the first place. It’s just a place for trolls and dumbasses who ask stupid questions that they are not smart enough to search the internet for the answers themselves.

    TL;DR: It’s not the internet that’s dumb, it’s the people using it, so stop bitching because it doesn’t matter.

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