Welcome to HUMP DAY in ODD. It’s actually HUMP DAY everywhere on Earth, but that’s just stating the obvious. It’s also Music Day¬† today. Just a little stroll down memory lane in the music world. Those were the days of musicianship, poetic lyrics and raw performances. No lip synching or auto tuning of the voices back then. I doubt that Janis would make it today with the blandness that seems to pass as music. Remember when a group of your friends would gather at your stereo and listen to the latest record? That doesn’t happen anymore. Now it’s download to the phone, pop in the buds and live in your own world. No time for interaction. Enjoy a little post on music.


01061113 02061113 03061113 04061113 05061113 06061113 07061113 B.B. King and Eric Clapton 08061113 08a061113 09061113 10061113 11061113 My friend has been babysitting for the Foo Fighters in Europe this summer, tonight she us sent thisThe Foo Fighters in Europe this summer.

12061113 13061113 14061113 15061113 16061113 17061113 18061113 alexvaranese3by: alex varanese

19061113 20061113 21061113 22061113 Joan+Jett+00278204_lg 23061113 24061113 25061113 2606111327061113 Pat Benatar 28061113 29061113Remember doing this? Friends would drop by my place and listen to a new record/cassette/CD. The reason: Thorens turntable, harmman/kardon amp, B&W speakers, Denon cassette player and a Kenwood CD player. 300 watts per channel of crystal clear music. And maybe a beer or two to accompany the tunes. Wine was always available for the ladies. They were called listening parties.

30061113 31061113 32061113 33061113 34061113 35061113 36061113 37061113 38061113 39061113Before they were famous…

40061113 41061113 42031113 43061113



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  1. Chris November 9, 2013 at 8:42 am #

    Great memories. I still have that Sanyo M9990 and it still eats tapes.

  2. Denis December 15, 2013 at 6:39 pm #

    Listening parties. I wish I had the bucks for that nice equipment back then but still my system was good and loud, and the music was insane. It was new music of the times too. Led Zep 1-4, Rush 2112, Boston, Eagles, Hendrix, Jethru Tull, Tubular bells, and more. We were mostly high 16 y-olds, downstairs at home. Life was great… and we just wanted to grow up fast. FOOLS!

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