Are you ready to start the work week yet? Start it off right with a trip through the ODD ZONE. Halloween will soon be upon us and fair warning to all, the Halloween post is not your nice a cutesy post, it is…horrifying. So, you have been warned. Get ready for the kids and make sure the pumpkins are carved. And do not forget that Devil’s Night will too be upon us.


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So, it’s our cat, our flat and our money, but I notice it’s always her tits.

Neil, Viz Magazine

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I used to annoy my first wife so much. I used to do things deliberately to annoy her, I admit that. In the mornings, I’d wake up. God, she hated that.

Bob Monkhouse

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  1. Rex Renard October 28, 2013 at 4:42 pm #

    Used to work in a restuarant that was haunted by a least 5 to 7 different spirits, the two in the basement I called the cave people, they were nice and would leave gifts from time to time, the ones on the main floor I usually just saw as glowing balls of light, tho one of the waitresses said she saw a little boy too. The one up in the attic tho he was the dark one, he terrified me, you would hear him pace back and forth at all hours, most of the staff wouldn’t go up there at all, and never alone. I had to a couple of times, he showed himself to me once got with in 20 feet froze me with fear, shakeing just thinking about it. The place is closed now, prolly for the best. Sorry this ran bit long, had a few people ask me about the place this weekend thought I’d share, I’m something like the local version of Constantine tho thats more of a curse than anything. Have fun, be safe, and allways stay odd.

    • ODDMAN October 28, 2013 at 5:37 pm #

      And always remember, Don’t Fear The Reaper.

      Thanks to Blue Oyster Cult for such a great song.

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