Halloween is just around the corner. Are you ready yet? We almost are. The outdoor decorations are going up and the pumpkins will soon be bought. We have arranged the costumes, but more of that in the post. I love Halloween and seeing the kids come to the door in their costumes. Then, around 8:00 or so the 14 year old girls come to the door dressed up rather sexily. I have no problem with some of the older kids coming as they grow up too fast, in almost every way. So sit right back and enjoy the ODD.


01211013 02211013 03211013 0421101304A211013Are you ready for Halloween? If you live in Guelph, ONĀ  CANADA, check out PARTY CORNER. They have everything to make your costume rental or purchase there. The ODDMAN family have used them for a few years now for all of our costumes. They have wonderful service, great knowledge and do special orders. They’ve done one for me to get some Mardis Gras stuff that they didn’t have on hand. So go check them out. Halloween is just around the corner. Don’t be left standing in the dark without a costume. And remember to support your local business. They keep our towns and cities going.



05211013 06211013 07211013 08211013 09211013 10211013 11211013 So this chick came into my store today to get a better microphone.. Something a out spying on her boyfriend..So this chick came into my store today to get a better microphone. Something about spying on her boyfriend..

12211013 13211013 14211013 15211013 16211013 17211013 18211013I’d love to see her without the incredible amount of Photoshop that’s done here.

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  1. LongyAUS October 21, 2013 at 4:33 am #

    Challenge Accepted.

    • ODDMAN October 21, 2013 at 8:37 am #

      She looks better without all the Photoshop work done.

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