Some teachers stick out in your mind as being the best ever. Some were fun, some you learned from and the best combined both aspects by making learning fun. There is a case for who the best teachers were. It’s another lazy day in ODD on this Saturday morning. Did you fall asleep on the couch last night or were you able to go out and have a bit of fun? The ODDMAN watched some OHL hockey and then called it a good night. I thoroughly enjoy the minor league hockey but not the NHL so much any more. I cannot stand the staged fights. If I want to watch MMA or boxing, then I’ll put those programs on my TV. Anyhow, have a great day.


01121013 02121013 03121013Tan Lines

04121013 05121013 06121013 07121013 08121013 09121013 Manchu PicchuManchu Picchu


Gay boxer Orlando Cruz to wear rainbow colours, pink gloves for world title shot

Featherweight contender Orlando Cruz will fight for a world title for the first time on Saturday when he meets Orlando Salido at the Thomas & Mack Center on the undercard of the Timothy Bradley-Juan Manuel Marquez event. Cruz, boxing’s first openly gay fighter, will wear rainbow-coloured trunks, to support the LGBT movement. (SOURCE)

A special THANK YOU to longtime ODDMAN viewer, LEE C., for supplying the link. Check out Lee’s blog HERE. It’s well worth it.


12121013 13121013 Al Capone's cell, Eastern State Penatentiary 1929 for 8 months Reconstruction A reconstruction of Al Capone’s cell, Eastern State Penitentiary, 1929, for 8 months.

14121013 15121013 16121013What is the betting that there is a pat down by Homeland Security?

17121013 18121013 19121013 garlicbread spaghetti sandwichGarlic Bread Spaghetti Sandwich.  LEVEL: STUDENT

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