The idiots are everywhere.  They are not just old men with hats in the parking lot. Or teenagers trying to impress their girlfriends. They are boundless and ageless and everywhere. It’s not so bad if you’re walking and just observe how dumb they can be but if you’re on a bike, LOOK OUT. There is a shout out for FAMOUS UNDERGROUND, a metal band from Toronto that I really like. Check them out if you can. It’s getting closer to the end of the week so let’s just take it easy and fake the work thing. Cheers.


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12101013 13101013 14101013FAMOUS UNDERGROUND is coming to Ontario, Canada. I was at their show in June at The Opera House in Toronto and had an absolute blast. I’ll also be at their show in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada rockin’ out to their tunes. FU puts on a great show with killer music. If you get a chance to to see them, check them out. And if you’re in Europe, DO NOT FEAR as they are planning on touring there in 2014. Stay tuned and rock on. Click HERE for FAMOUS UNDERGROUND‘s FaceBook page.

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Lubed Up And Locked Up

Barbara Hall was involved in a bedroom romp with her boyfriend when he asked her if she had brought PAM cooking spray, which he wanted to use as lubricant.

However, Hall thought he was referring to an ex-girlfriend of his named Pam, and she allegedly flew into a jealous rage, punching him repeatedly and heaving objects at his head.

via: Huffington Post

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