Ever have a bad day? Some of these people are not having a good time. There might even be some destruction involved. It’s a good thing that these things did not happen to us. However, there is some yin to the yang. There are some good things that happen in the post today. A delivery to my driveway would send my neighbours and I into incredible bliss. Not going to happen but allow a fantasy or two… The weekend is almost here so maybe a pre-weekend mini-celebration might be in order. You know you want it. Have fun.


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You’ve got to be married, haven’t you? You can’t go through life being happy.

Colin Crampton

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26260913 27260913 28260913 29260913 3026091331260913 32260913 My friend thought doing Tooth Fairy footprints in glitter would be cute. Daughter thought Tooth Fairy killed someone.My friend thought doing Tooth Fairy footprints in glitter would be cute. Her daughter thought that the Tooth Fairy killed someone.



Married a professional mud wrestler, my first wife, a professional mud wrestler: violent temper, lovely skin.

Martin Beaumont

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