That is just what happens every ay here in ODD. The unexpected. You just never know what you’re going to find in a daily post. And that’s just how I like it. I can’t please everyone and sometimes haters do leave comments. That’s OK by me though if they’re done without swearing and respectfully, not everyone can agree on everything. Otherwise we’d be a very boring group of people. Have yourselves a great day and, May The ODD Be With You.


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03a160913On Saturday the ODDMAN family went to the Canadian Reptile Breeders Exposition at the International Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada for a great day of viewing reptiles. The Reptile Hunters were there and it was a pleasure listening to their talk. We also went to see our friend DARREN BOYD, owner of THE REPTILE RAINFOREST, who was there selling corn, hognose and ball python snakes. We picked up another corn snake, but this one was not for us. Mrs ODDMAN is a Grade One teacher and the librarian at her school, with permission from her principal, wanted a corn snake to teach the children about snakes. Snakes are wonderful creatures and deserve our respect, as do all other reptiles and animals. Here is the yet-to-be-named school snake:

03b160913Again I say, THANKS to DARREN BOYD. This is the third snake that we have purchased from Darren and they have been wonderful.  He has selected a great snake who is very active at the moment, and the kids will enjoy learning all about him. He will grow to between 4-5 feet in length. Click the below banner and go to his site for a visit. 03c160913

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