Who ever thought that their country didn’t have its share of dimwits? Not me. I see them all the time driving around town getting stuff done. In Vaughan, ON we have a very good description of a 7 watt bulb operating in a 100 watt world. You just have to shake our head at him. BTW, he was fired for some strange reason… We have it all today from strange jellyfish to a mother of the year to a rocker in black. Sit back and enjoy a stroll through the ODD of today.


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A comment posted the other day from loyal ODDMAN, Rex R.

I clean the streets of a drunken resort island, you wouldn’t believe the random stuff I find. This has been a good year for finding money tho. The strangest thing yet has been a bag of ashes from a crematorium complete with name tag.

Have you ever found anything weird or strange on the road or parking lot? Drop me a note and we’ll get it up on the blog.


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The idiot was fired. Let’s Tweet for a dealer to drop off some dope at work  so you can get through the day.


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  1. Rex Renard August 22, 2013 at 3:07 pm #

    The ohio river jellyfish is known as the rubber-nosed trout around these parts. Allways proud to be Odd. About the feedback, don’t have any current pics, just some older ones from my travels and work as a zookeeper. If you can give me a month or two for the tourist season to wind down and to get a hold of a printer/ scaner I’ll be happy to share a few.

    • ODDMAN August 22, 2013 at 3:45 pm #

      Take all the time that you need, I’m in no rush here. Just surfing the net finding stuff that’s not quite right and posting it for all. And mostly keeping out of trouble. Keep getting recognized around town now as the van has a large ODDMAN decal on the back. Nice to know that people are recognizing the name. Not too bad for 2.5 years posting.

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