Some people are not that bright. Some people are just stupid. Some people are drunk. I think in the last .gif the woman featured is both drunk and stupid. What was she thinking? Glad that someone taped it. Find out the definition of a happily married man. I am, and it’s true. Wise up guys. Time to start the work week off in the right manner. Call in sick and go to the beach. Have fun in the sun. Don’t forget the water wings.


01050813 02050813ODDMAN.CA – I have never posted any paid advertising on this blog. I’ve turned down several agencies that wanted to post ads on ODDMAN, with conditions that I did not like. I said, “NO.”

03050813 04050813 05050813 06050813 07050813 08050813Have you no pride?

09050813 10050813 11050813 12050813 13050813 tgpic found by (not a paid ad, LOL):banner for DI

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How do you get a nun pregnant?

Dress her up as an alter boy.


16050813 17050813School in GeorgiaWelcome to schooling in Georgia

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If it’s men’s uncontrollable sexual urges that are the problem, then instead of Islamic women having to veil themselves in public, Islamic men should have to blindfold themselves in public, and have the women lead them around.


33050813by: Pierre Leszczyk Photography

34050813 35050813 36050813 37050813The Reptile Rainforest new show assistant?

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