It’s early Sunday morning. Time to slowly wake up with the first and second cups of coffee of the day. Today we have featured some incredible photographs. None of the photos were taken by me and most of the photographers names are unknown to me. Those names that I do know are listed below their photo so that credit is given where it is due. These pictures are from around the world. This is a regular feature for Sunday mornings so please sit back and enjoy the photos.


01040813 02040813 03040813Kevin Lucke Photography

04040813 05040813 06040813


06A040813SONY DSC 208040813 09040813 10040813 Rainbow Mountains Danxia Land Form China3 11040813 Rainbow Mountains Danxia Land Form China4


12040813 13040813 14040813 15040813 16040813 17040813 18040813 19040813 20040813 21040813 22040813 23040813 24040813 25040813 26040813 27040813 28040813 29040813 30040813 31040813 32040813 33040813 34040813 35040813



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  1. Rex Renard August 4, 2013 at 8:56 am #

    I remember rideing across North Dakota on a bus in a massive thunderstorm. It seemed like you could see thousands of lightning bolts strike a constantly. Half of the bus was whimpering in terror, the other half oohing and ahhing over the natural fireworks. It was incredible.

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