Ever look at the TV and ask yourself, “WHY?” I do this all the time. Reality TV just plain SUCKS. There’s no reality there. Otherwise you’d see The Beards blow themselves up. Honey Boo Boo would choke on a sandwich and Moma Bear would be in the wrestling ring as The Missing Link From Parts Unknown. We have a captioned pic that tells us what the world needs more of. The truth is spoken. It’s Tuesday and the sun is out most everywhere, except where it’s night. Have a great day and Keep Your ODD Up.


01300713 02300713 03300713 04300713 05300713Andrew-BradleyAndrew Bradley


07300713 08300713 09300713 10300713 11300713 12300713 13300713 14300713 15300713The Official bird of  ODDMMAN.CA




The happy ending is our national belief.

Mary McCarthy

17300713 Rockers, Asbury Park, New Jersey, 1980Memories of when time stood still… Rockers, Asbury Park, New Jeresey, 1980

19300713 20300713 21300713 22300713 23300713 24300713 25300713 26300713 27300713 28300713 29300713 30300713A flock of ODD



The British think they have a sense of irony. They also think they have a special relationship with America. But they cannot have it both ways.

Miles Kington

32300713 via Colin C Road rash on the helmutWho says that helmets don’t save lives?  via: Colin C. – ODDMAN AT LARGE

33300713 34300713 35300713 36300713 37300713 38300713 39300713 40300713 41300713



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  1. Rex Renard July 30, 2013 at 3:56 pm #

    I’ve taken care of flamingos before they are very, very, stupid birds, pretty tho, but they make chickens and seagulls seem intelligent.

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