ODD is now THOUGHT-FREE. No thinking allowed in ODD. And today’s post reflects the ODD reality. WELCOME. You can shake your head or you can shake your booty or you can shake your d… Just get yourself shakin’ all over. Oh, check out the last .gif to really see someone who cannot think. Grab yourself some rocket juice, strap on the tin foil hat and wait for the mother ship to call. Hopefully it won’t be collect…


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My run of 3 pairs of New Balance sneakers has come to an end. I always found them comfy but the most recent pair barely lasted over a year. Right front is almost 1/3 unglued and the left one was starting come unglued. Tread is barely worn. Shoes should not start doing that so soon.

So I’m going to have my cat pee on them and will be sending them to New Balance with a nasty letter. Because nasty strongly worded letters is what we do.

Gilles Landreville

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  1. aislinn May 13, 2013 at 10:10 am #

    I love the opening banner! Chris Sanders is my favorite artist and she is one of my favorite characters!

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