Tit for tat. An eye for an eye. Payback is immediate. You lose. And that’s just how it happens. What were you thinking girl? Oh well, just be thankful that someone caught it on camera. Welcome to Wherever You Are. It’s a beautiful day today as it has been for a week. I will not complain at all. The shorts are out and so are the t-shirts. The bikinis will be out shortly. Then it will be perfect. A tip of the hat to the ODDETTE Barb B., whose pet chicken pecked her in the eyeball. The chicken is NOT dinner…yet. She’s a martial artist and got beat up by a chicken. How ODD is that? LMAO. Have a great day.


01090513 02090513by: Speak Now Photography

03090513 04090513It’s one of those parties…

0509051306090513 07090513 08090513 09090513 10090513 11090513 12090513 13090513 14090513 15090513 16090513


Mummy, where does dust come from?

Cremated fairies.

Five year old child and Jil Evans

17090513 18090513 19090513 20090513 21090513 22090513 23090513 24090513 25090513 26090513 27090513 28090513 29090513 30090513


I can download three million vaginas on to my iPhone. Don’t tell me we can’t come up with alternative energy.

Lewis Black

31090513 3209051332a08051333090513 34090513 35090513This is Allison Williams working out on the set of GirlsThis is Allison Williams “working out” on the set of, Girls (HBO). TV is always sooooooo real.

36090513 37090513 38090513 39090513 40090513 41090513Take a shot, give a shot



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