Dad’s are the best. They give us a lot of advice. Some we listen to, and some we ignore. But sometimes Dad knows best. That is the case today when Dad teaches his kid how to deal with a bully. Know anyone who wants a free cat? We have one today. In fact, we have a whole lotta ODD today because that is the way it is here in THE LAND GOD GAVE TO ODD. So grab a coffee and lean back in your chair , for it is time to explore the wonders that we call ODD.



If women can sleep their way to the top, how come they aren’t there?

Ellen Goodman

You can only sleep your way to the middle.

Dawn Steel


Watch your head…

via: Hookers & Booze


I got what I have now through knowing the right time to tell terrible people when to go to hell.

Leslie Carron



All men make mistakes, but married men find out about them sooner.

Red Skelton



Eye Candy

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