Nothing political here today. It is a moment for alternative definitions to a number of words used in everyday conversations. Have a great day.


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My friend Barb B. at THE WILD ROOSTER, just had these delivered.

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  1. LongyAUS February 16, 2017 at 10:54 am #

    We have something similar to “Irish Handcuffs”, we call it a “drinking problem” = 2 hands and only 1 mouth.

  2. Deacon February 16, 2017 at 12:31 pm #

    “Nothing political” and then Odd puts in a blip about free speech. I use to feel that free speech was ok as long as someone was not ‘hurting or offending’ someone else….but although often so-called free speech is hurting someone it can also be said that some people are claiming being hurt in order to silence the freedom of someone else so that they avoid being scrutinized or shown for what they really are. Like most things I think ‘free speech’ has to be taken on an individual situation based on the merits of each.

    That conversation about thigh gap…..I happen to come across that same one on Faceplant in one of the comments in one of my niece’s friend’s pages (yeah I know that’s complicated but you had to be there). Whoaaaa! were those women upset about that (for some unknown reason). I guess thigh gap is something you didn’t talk about? (news to me). I was always under the impression that lack of thigh gap was just a fire warning for anyone running in corduroy pants.

    Irish Handcuffs….There was this man I knew named Jimmy Toohey. He was about as Irish as they come. He had been arrested for driving drunk in his car and lost his license. So he drove to town to the liquor store on his farm tractor….got arrested again. That didn’t stop him….he later drove to town on his lawnmower….got arrested again. But the first time I met him we were all at a kind of block party in the town. It was to celebrate something, maybe Canada Day or just that some local farmer had found his cow….any excuse to celebrate was acceptable.
    The drinking area was fenced off with snow fence so that all the drunks would collapse in the same area which made it easier for the front end loader to pick them all up. Well Jimmy was standing (well more like staggering) with a drink of Irish whiskey in each hand. Now Jimmy was a jovial sort of fellow but he also didn’t take any crap and he came from a long line of ‘no crap taking’ and his Irish family were well known to deal with situations in the true Irish way……a shillelagh, or anything else available. Now being of Irish heritage meself I can appreciate this whole-heartedly. However as I watched him that evening he wavered to the left and then the right and all the while holding those precious drinks in each hand. Then Jimmy got in a heated argument with some other Irishman over some minor thing and I watched as he reached back with his right hand to inflict a resounding clobber on the jaw of his nemesis and suddenly…..he must have realized he was holding the Holy Irish liquid. He stopped in mid-air but his arm hadn’t told the rest of his body and he staggered backward…..then up against the borderline snow fence…..then continuing backwards, ass over tea kettle over the snow fence and falling soundly on his back………….BUT…..through all this he kept both arms up in the air and he never…..I repeat NEVER…..spilled a drop from either glass of Irish whiskey. That was a man who deserved a monument in the town square……or at least a pub named after him for eternity. Jimmy’s gone now but I’ll bet if they dig him up in a 100 years…..he still be well preserved.

    {You just had to mention West didn’t you! I can hear you, sitting there chuckling to yourself, like a sound track from some evil demented 1950’s Drive In movie. I’m writing this down in my book of Karma.}

    And one last comment…..Loni Anderson… 70 she still isn’t hard to look at!!!!

    Have a good one……

    • Jeff P. February 16, 2017 at 3:14 pm #

      Free Speech is a right and the description is accurate. I disagree with someone being offended as being something that should stop free speech. I’m reminded of a meeting here at work. It was a heated meeting and I invariably came across with a few curse words. Nothing terrible, just inappropriate in hind sight. The HR manager yelled at me that she was offended by what I said and told me to “SHUT UP!”. I told her that I didn’t give a damn if she was offended, and that if she ever told me to shut up again that I’d really let her know my thoughts. She hated me after that. She is no longer with the company, and I am. No moral, just a story.

      The tale of Jimmy Toohey is a good one. I didn’t realize that you Canadians fence in your drunks. LOL!

      I must disagree about Loni Anderson. Maybe I am strange, but I never thought she was much to look at. Personal preference I guess.

      • ODDMAN February 16, 2017 at 3:48 pm #

        My preference was always Bailey Quarters (real name: Jan Smithers). I always thought that she was better looking than Loni Anderson. I also liked Mary Ann (real name: Dawn Wells) better too.

        • Jeff P. February 17, 2017 at 1:09 pm #

          I agree, Jan Smithers was beautiful. Much nicer than Loni. I was going to mention Dawn Wells, I had a huge crush on her when I was young. And Donna Douglas too!

  3. sharpiepen February 16, 2017 at 9:51 pm #

    Mircrowave! Oh goodness, I laughed away too hard at this more than should have, but I don’t care it was funny! I’m going to send it to my Dad. ^_^ lol

    The Skye article is brilliant especially the last line of the article. lol

    As a teacher, my students probably would agree with that. haha I make them do stuff like figuring how to make purchases, learning how to behave themselves, and getting them to stuff for me when I don’t want to do it myself…^_- LOL…(it’s part of their vocational goals..yeah..that’s the reason….)

    Have a good one,


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