Today we have a picture of a Heavenly sammich. I’ve been making these for decades. Soon. It’s HUMP DAY so sit back and have some fun. No topless ladies (real) today. Maybe a Vargas sketch though… Cheers.


I love spaghetti and meatball sammiches

Thanks for the Photoshop work to “improve” already beautiful women, Playboy. You attempt to make them flawless…a fantasy that is unattainable in real life. Maybe, just maybe, Playboy should actually check the final Photoshop results before publishing…


First product for this to be printed on…Kraft Dinner. Fours servings, my butt.



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  1. LongyAUS February 15, 2017 at 4:07 am #

    that’s going to increase harmonica sales worldwide.

    The Commonwealth Bank of Australia, just announced it’s half year profit and sad to hear that it is only a 2% increase over lasts years profit, poor pets, 5 billion dollars for the HALF year.

  2. Jeff P. February 15, 2017 at 8:37 am #

    I’ve got to go get a harmonica! Such a great idea! Why didn’t I ever think of that?

    “My tattoos don’t like you either” is very good. I’ve run across those who don’t like me just because of my tattoos. It’s funny that when I wear a long sleeve shirt nobody looks at me strangely. On the upside, I just started work on a new full sleeve on my right arm. About half way done. I do get a lot of girls who have heard about it who want to see it.

  3. Deacon February 15, 2017 at 12:25 pm #

    To begin with I want to once again thank Oddman for the first blog today. I consider women a work of art and there’s definitely a few in that long list that I’d like to frame. When I was a kid my father was a blacksmith and where he worked had 20ft high ceilings and over his stand up desk lined with parts catalogues were seductive calendar photos. So that works out to a wall about 20 ft wide and 20 ft high covered in women. To this day a wall of beautiful women brings back great memories.

    Never tried the harmonica idea, but I have put a slice of limburger cheese in the heating unit of a car. Nearly impossible to find.

    Photoshop is really pissing me off lately. Photography is my hobby and increasingly I find more and more photos ‘altered’ to be more ””’perfect””’. Myself….I’m a…… “here’s what it really looks like” type of person. Also the other day I looked at an old photo of Marilyn Monroe standing on a hotel balcony in New York and sitting on the balcony railing was Elvis Presley. The photo of Marilyn I’m familiar with and no one was on that balcony with her. (later I found another same photo but Elvis was gone and James Dean was suddenly there) (if this keeps up we will next see Marilyn standing with Donald Cheeto).

    I have no problem with altering lighting for effect….but that’s about my limit. When a photographer or editor starts eliminating moles and wrinkles and other lines and even goes to sliding someone else in the photo or changing the background…..that’s just dishonest and should be left for cartoon characters. Some people are hypocrites in that they are professing one day that people should be accepted for what they are and then the next day they want alterations made in photos, or admire photos when they know darn well that they have been manipulated. Our society is based onprofits in the billions focused on visual youth and beauty but here’s a news bulletin… doesn’t last.

    The tractor box. More good memories again. We didn’t have money to spend when I was a kid and one day my father came home with a big wooden box that some sort of steel came in. That sturdy box became a fort and a pirate ship and a cave and anything our imagination could come up with. Great times in an old wooden box that today would be thrown out or burnt, because for many kids something is just not good enough unless it’s been advertised to death on TV or has been bought at a store.

    People don’t discriminate like they once did about tattoos…..depending of course on what they say. Some businesses still don’t like a representative with tattoos but again….it depends on the business. I have tattoos, a fair number and I know a lot of people with the same but one thing people should know about tattoos is they fade and they spread out, especially if they see a lot of sun. When they are new and crisp they’re cool but as years pass they change. Keep that in mind when you have lettering done and the type of font you use.

    Trash Bird is right……money is power. I remember years ago when I was a kid an old Chinese man said to me….”first you get the money and then you have the power”. Of course the prime example of that is Trump. Take away his money and he’s a nothingburger. And I just have to comment on how obvious it was that Trump made sure his daughter was nearly constantly by the side of Justin (or is it Joe?) Trudeau during his visit. The Trump game was soooooo obvious and rather embarrassing for the USA. Listen Trump…..for beginners Justin has a great looking wife and she has brains that weren’t bought. Not only that but Trudeau would have no problem finding a woman and he wouldn’t touch your daughter with a 10ft pole. She has that ‘I want a green card and will do anything for it’ look. Maybe it’s hereditary.


  4. Ja February 15, 2017 at 4:15 pm #

    Dave my man, if it were fair to say I love you from an online blog experience…
    Thanks again!!!

  5. sharpiepen February 15, 2017 at 10:10 pm #

    Awww..poor dragon chocking on the little knight. Good thing his friend was there to save him. 🙂

    The metal seahorse is a work of art, and a great display piece. I like how the artist used different pieces of metal to create it. 🙂

    I remember playing with boxes, it was so much fun. I remember us kids would get inside the box while the other would push the box around the box. My parents told us, we had more fun with the box than we did with the toy that was inside of it. hehe Of course, us kids managed to play Marco Polo in a spa. ^_^ My parents still can’t figure out how we did it or the reason behind it. Good times..

    I laughed more than I should have at the vegan being born picture! lol I would never look at a bush the same way again. hahaha

    Have a good one,


  6. Betjemanian February 16, 2017 at 12:24 am #

    Vegan being born is a treat. But HATCHED seems more apt, no? Thanks mister Oddman. I love it here.

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