It’s just a bunch of pictures/photographs that I like. Enjoy the day.


Doll by the Popovy Sisters

Doll by the Popovy Sisters

Jean-Michel Basquiat, Self-portrait, 1984

Jonas Erikson

Marc Bourlier

by Agustin Castillo

Roberto Kusterle b.1948, Italy

 Yemen, 2010 by Aaron Rands.

Wrought Iron, Gilt Bronze & Glass Table by Paul Kiss, 1920s

artist dorris vooijs

Gold, Rock Crystal, Black Onyx, Diamond & Ruby Bracelet by Erte

Dancing couple sculpture – Daum

Cesare Saccenti

Doug Baulos

by Viktor Sheleg

by Javier Perez

Adam Martinakis


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  1. Retsej February 12, 2017 at 7:10 am #

    Art … I don’t get it. Never have unless it’s “real” or “pretty”.

  2. sharpiepen February 12, 2017 at 12:24 pm #

    What an ODD post! I love it!!! ^_^

    Those dolls by the Popovy sisters are quite interesting and cool. 🙂

    Have a good one,


  3. wolffeathers February 12, 2017 at 12:26 pm #

    A most varied & wonderful collection! Some a little creepy, a lot are worth long consideration. Thank you!

  4. Deacon February 12, 2017 at 1:58 pm #

    I enjoyed todays offering. Of course it makes one think……’what is art’? Now there’s a loaded question. We all know the comparisons ….from the court house near me that has fiberglass ‘art’ out front that looks like melted ice cream…..compared to the Great Masters of long ago……and of course everything in between. Then we can venture further into the abyss if we want to talk about art purchases such as the controversial purchase made by the National Gallery of Canada in 1990 of an 18ft tall piece of (ahem) ‘art’ which is basically one thick red stripe down the middle of a canvas and framed by a thick blue stripe on either side of the red. Cost…….1.76 MILLION of hard working taxpayers money. (we don’t really need to go into that, because Oddman may not have the band width for my tirade)

    However the fact remains what is art? Is art the displayed concept that the artist wanted to express to the public?…….Or is art an open book and meant to be discerned by the public themselves? Is art meant to portray reality or be such an abortion to the senses that one may laugh, or cringe at the site of it?

    Personally, as in Oddman’s selection today…..I think that art for the most part is to be deciphered by the viewer. There are times however that an artist wants to express or elicit a specific message and I think the public should respect that, and of course…..discuss it.

    Today’s offering from the hallowed halls of Odd, I have two I particularly like. The first is the sculptured woman and the cloak of keys. This reminded me of a market I went to many years ago and I have a tendency to carry a lot of keys on my belt loop. Keys for tool boxes and cars and trucks and motorcycle and home and shop and assorted cabinets. At one table an elderly lady sat and she was selling ‘knick knacks’. But she suddenly reached out and held my keys in her one hand and looked at me and said “a man with many keys is a man with many worries”. I’ve never forgotten that and that sculpture if I was to decipher it would mean that women have had a long struggle for equality and respect and the worries they have….have held them back. But you see……that’s my take on it and only from another incident that I can find an association with.

    My favourite however is the Neanderthal man in the tunnel. To me it represents that mankind and womankind are heading towards a disaster and the tunnel is empty because only a few will survive……and thousands or more years later someone (if anyone is left) will enter these ‘caves’ and try to decipher what the ‘graffiti’ means. Not very optimistic am I? Sorry about that. But if you look back in history it seems as if humankind (who seems to have eliminated the ‘kind’ part of the name) seems to have a tendency to shall we say ‘cull the herd’ on occasion and I sense that ……’we’re due’. I sometimes wonder if as the old saying goes……”it is written”…..or in another ancient word ‘Maktub’….destiny. It is probable that we are all as Shakespeare once said ‘but actors on a stage’ and the play has already been written long ago by some unknown scribe in another dimension and our ‘cues’ equally come and go and at times we have to clean the stage. In reality we have no idea where we are. Just recently scientists have come to terms with the possibilities that there are alternative universes around us. I was reading a rant the other day from a woman who really disliked it when someone said to a family member after someone passed on ….”he/she is in a better place”. She really resented that thoughtful statement because from her perspective how did anyone know there is a ‘better place’!!!!! To which I replied….”how do you know there isn’t”.

    OH…..forgot about the ‘art’ part. Bottom line…….there are no rules.

    Have a good day.

    • Jeff P. February 12, 2017 at 4:59 pm #

      What is art? Good question. I consider myself an artist even though I don’t make a living at it. I make things out of a lot of different things. I am a woodworker and have made furniture. I make detailed canes and sell them at the local Artisan Center. I create art from found objects and am a photographer as well. I have dabbled in painting and sculpture too. Most of my pieces people look at and tell me how nice they are (pretty, beautiful, inspiring) but some pieces just get started at. What the people are thinking I don’t know. Maybe they are thinking that it’s terrible, or trying to figure out what it is. I don’t care. I just do what I want and call it art.

  5. Steve Miller February 13, 2017 at 1:48 am #

    A couple of these are rather disturbing if viewed from just the right angle.

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