It could be a valid condition this ‘Peace and Quiet’ place. It’s back to school for the kids and their teachers. Waking the ODDLING up at 6:30 am is going to be so much fun…for me. The kids are going to feel like dying. Have yourselves a great day and remember, it’s winter up here in Canuckistan. Russia has us beat for the cold temps at the moment, but we do get our fair share of Arctic air.


You’re welcome.

Canadian skeet shooting. Thanks to ODDMAN ANDREW

Ramblas, Barcelona

Isabella Rossellini photographed by Helmut Newton

Annette Funicello and Big Daddy Ed Roth




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  1. sharpiepen January 9, 2017 at 11:32 pm #

    Well the first day back to school was good, I don’t know who was more tired me or my students or my staff…I’m going to go with all us. I made it and that all that counts. ^_-

    Thanks for the Richard Simmons picture, I so needed to see that today. Can you sense the sarcasm? But the Canadian Skeet shooting video made up for it.

    Have a good one,


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